Double Glazed Windows in Pakistan

Secco Pak manufactures double glazed windows in Pakistan specially designed to reduce heat flow and sound dispersal. Our double glazed windows restrict the flow of cold / hot from outside thus keeping the inside temperature at comfortable level.

The Features of double glazing systems are:

  • Energy saving between 30-50% can be achieved, depending on the window area and type of glass.
  • Energy saving can further be enhanced by using low emissive, tinted or reflecting glass. By using SECCO double-glazing system, air conditioning and heating costs are guaranteed to be substantially reduced.
  • The sealant between the glass panes (Swiggle seal JS-802) serves many functions i.e. it hermetically seals the window panes and an integral metal spacer ensures that an even gap is always maintained between the glasses.
  • Our double-glazing system has the unique characteristic of ensuring a clear view in all weather conditions. Moisture absorbing desiccant within the Swiggle seal keeps the inner gap free of condensation and eliminates any possibility of fogging.

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