Modular Operation Theatre Manufacturers

SECCO Pak is also a manufacturer and supplier of Modular Operation Theatre. The design of our prefabricated modular operation theatre is flexible, hinders contamination, durable and provides easy maintenance. Our Modular OT has the ability to incorporate medical gas system, electrical equipment and lighting gears.


1. Operation Theater can be painted with anti-bacterial coatings on customer request.
2. Easy to steam clean surfaces.
3. Ability to absorb vapors that prevents growth of bacteria, mould and yeasts.
4. Moisture resistant.
5. Compact & slick design
6. Quiet operations with high noise reduction.
7. Available in GI powder coated.
8. Cost effective model
9. No vibration
10. Positive pressure in OT ensures no entry for outside contaminated air.

Modular Operation Theatre made by SECCO in Gurki Trust Hospital Lahore.

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